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Jun 2017 - Aug 2017


Updating the Customer's page, resulting in a 72% increase in page views.

* This is NOT a case study.

Tenable is a network security company providing the world's first cyber exposure platform.

I was a summer intern here during 2017. My biggest project was working with our web-dev intern to redesign the company's Customers page to match our updated brand and to better communicate our business value.

New Customer's page mockups
Updated Customer's page mockups.

Before and after ↓


Customer's homepage

Original design of the Customer's homepage.


New Customer's homepage

Updated design of the Customer's homepage.


Customer's interior page

Original design of the Customer's interior page.


New Customer's interior page

Updated design of the Customer's interior page.


In 30 days, we saw:

72% increase

in page views

175% increase

in time spent on page


Working closely with our web-dev intern pushed me to communicate my thoughts better; to translate design language to dev language more effectively.

I also learned how to utilize data to better inform my design decisions.

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