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Jan 2018 - May 2018

Mindgrub Design Agency

Working on enterprise applications for clients as a UX intern.

* This is NOT a case study.

Mindgrub is an award-winning design agency based in Baltimore, MD.

I worked here during my last semester of college on user experience and user research projects. Clients include NASA, Johns Hopkins University, H.B. Fuller, and OPTAVIA.

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NASA - Web app

Designed a web application to house all code respositories for NASA engineers.


Johns Hopkins University - Web app

Built an online marketplace for textbooks. Publishing companies come to sell books. Professors assign books to students. Students rent books for class.


H.B. Fuller - iOS mobile app

Created a mobile app for their distribution team to use as a resource for sales and troubleshooting customer problems.


OPTAVIA - UX audit

Did an audit of their current web app of wellness training for consumers. Tested current flows and interactions as well as noted ways for improvements.

My workspace
My desk.


I've gained so much experience working at a fast-paced agency. It was incredible to do impactful work with big name clients and to be able to work with such a talented team.

I've developed my skills in user research, testing, time-management, client relations, my craft, and my eye for good design.

Product design case studies

Mixbowl ordering experience

Shipped Nov 2020

Mixbowl Menu Redesign

Enhancing the menu experience, increasing sales by 20%.

Visual design, interaction design

Walmart's experience for Personal Shopper fulfillment mockups

Shipped Nov 2020

Walmart Shopper Performance

Exploring ways to empower Personal Shoppers to pick faster.

Product thinking, user research, exploratory

Boba Meets Bagel responsive web app mockups

Shipped Jan 2019

Boba Meets Bagel App

Connecting 40,000 asians through a niche dating app, leading to an acquisition.

Visual design, product thinking, prototyping

Passion project

Hack University content

Oct 2019 - now

Hack University Media Brand

Creating educational design content for a community of 85K people.

Content, community, branding