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Creating educational design content for a community of 85K people.

Born out of our passion for design and software engineering, my brother and I started Hack University; a media brand focused on providing educational tech content.

We primarily post on Instagram and have grown to over 85K followers.

I'm in charge of creating every post, story, and maintaining the brand.

Hack University's Instagram Stories.


A growing active community of techies

While I don't like to put much value to these vanity metrics, it's still incredible to see the impact we've had from our content.

Since October 2019:

  • Over 2 million page reach across Facebook and Instagram.
  • 7000 page likes on Facebook.
  • 85K followers on Instagram.
  • Feeling good about sharing knowledge and giving back  .


How might we give back to the tech community while continuing to follow our passion?

My brother and I were constantly getting reached out to for career guidance. While we enjoyed helping each individual person, it couldn't scale well.

So, with the power of social media, we jumped to Instagram to help exponentially more people with our custom content.

Tips via Instagram Stories:

OSI Model Coding Tip
Branding Design Tip
Hue Design Tip
UX Design Tip

Instagram carousel images:


Creating content and sharing my knowledge with the community has been one of the most rewarding and humbling experiences.

Every week we get a few DMs from folks thanking us for our content and how it has helped them with their careers.

I've also learned very important life skills along my journey that I'd love to share:

Designing for attention

It's all about grabbing people's attention. What works for one niche may not work for another. So, we constantly tested ideas like time of posting, type of content, captions, bold typography, vibrant images, etc and we've found what works for us (for now).


Each carousel image should engage the reader and prompt them to swipe to the next. Telling a cohesive story throughout ensures they stick around and keep reading.

Using data and feedback from the community

Your audience is everything. It's important to constantly read their feedback and look at your insights so you can improve yourself.


Mixbowl ordering experience

Mixbowl Menu Redesign

Enhancing the online ordering experience for hungry consumers.

Work, UI, UX, research

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Walmart's associate experience for Express fulfillment mockups

Walmart Express Delivery

Providing a speedier delivery service to customers.

Work, UI, UX, research

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Boba Meets Bagel responsive web app mockups

Boba Meets Bagel Dating App

Connecting Asians through a niche dating app.

Passion project, UI, UX, research, branding

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